Leading the e-HIM Transformation

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By Bonnie S. Cassidy, MPA, RHIA, FAHIMA, FHIMSS

Today, employers are counting on us to achieve great success in adopting health IT, creating strategy, managing implementations with new workflows, and demonstrating meaningful use while properly planning for the monumental transition to ICD-10.These are the most revitalizing times in the history of health information management, and HIM professionals must rise up in support of one another and challenge ourselves and our peers. It is a time for us to come together to promote and advance our values as HIM professionals—a time that our voices be heard.

Making e-HIM Dreams Reality

HIM leadership must continue to create the best practices that ensure the privacy, security, accuracy, and value of health information in our electronic healthcare industry. More than ever before we must work harder, smarter, and faster. Each of us must dream big and break down barriers separating our dreams from reality.

AHIMA members must passionately promote HIM education, best practices, standards, policy, and research and continue to provide services for today while being visionary in setting the bar for the future. Developing a prosperous reality where dreams come true is possible, but only after hard work.

Spotlight on HIM Skills

Because we lead the HIM profession, it’s important that we make change. What makes us strong as an association are our diverse skills and experiences. ARRA and ICD-10 have put the spotlight on the HIM profession. It is an incredible opportunity for us to leverage our strengths and demonstrate our ability to deliver value-added services.

EHRs get implemented, but it is our discipline and professional principles that guide the development of our organizational HIM policy and EHR governance. We are uniquely qualified to lead the ICD-10 implementation and establish strategies for implementing computer-assisted coding.

We have the expertise to build structure and governance for the secondary use of health information and quality measurement initiatives, adding value to quality health information’s significant role in the overall delivery of quality care.

This is the greatest transformation in the history of our healthcare system and cannot be done successfully without your leadership. With electronic health information’s widening availability, great advances in medicine are not only possible, they are mandatory for affordable quality healthcare worldwide.

HIM’s Commitment to the Future

AHIMA’s ethical code differentiates the HIM profession and strengthens our commitment to one another and to HIM. By virtue of our mission, vision, and values, it is our responsibility alone to lead the HIM profession and its practitioners and do everything in our power to deliver for humanity as a whole. The time for our commitment has come, and the time for us to act on that commitment is now.

At AHIMA, we’re building a world-class association that supports HIM’s ability to prosper through anything, together, one member at a time. At this time we know that we all can stand together with the power to be powerful, believing we can make things better.

This is how we will lead healthcare into the electronic age of health information: together, one member at a time.

Bonnie S. Cassidy (bonnie.cassidy@ahima.org) is vice president of HIM product management at QuadraMed.

Article citation:
Cassidy, Bonnie S. “Leading the e-HIM Transformation.” Journal of AHIMA 82, no.1 (January 2011): 10.



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